Tips from Holland Park and Notting Hill Estate Agents

Date Published 26 January 2016

It's been a fairly mild winter so far, which is good news for property sellers and landlords as well as Holland Park and Notting Hill estate agents. People are more inclined to go out to view houses in clement weather, and this year hasn't bombarded us with too many extremes.

The importance of light and mood when selling or letting a property should never be underestimated. Most properties in this area are from an era with large windows and high ceilings, which are great selling points. Nevertheless, it's important to make the most of every scrap of natural light when selling your home, and this is especially important at this time of year.

Rooms that receive most natural light should be shown to the best advantage –a room sparkling with warmth and light, particularly when it's cold and grey outside, is huge draw for buyers. Make sure south-facing rooms have curtains and blinds drawn back, and that windows are clean inside and out. Mirrors placed opposite can dramatically increase the sense of light and space in a room, while sparkling glass or metal ornaments arranged to catch the light can be very effective too.

Most properties will have dark corners, and these can be used to advantage in a study area, or snug, where dark can be cozy, but a strategically placed lamp, lit even in the daytime, will still make a subtle difference.

Lighting a fire is another great way to bring warmth and light into a room in the winter. Many Notting Hill and Holland Park properties have an abundance of period features like fireplaces, and these advantages should be showcased at every opportunity.

By the same token, outdoor space, even in the winter, is a valuable resource. Outdoor lighting and seating can be used to set the scene to show how it could be used in the summer, and architectural plants and topiary can be used to great effect.

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