When is the Best Time of Year to Sell My House?

Date Published 22 February 2016

Property sells all year round, but if you're considering putting your home on the market, it makes good sense to choose a time when there are lots of potential buyers around. This not only maximises your chances of finding a buyer quickly, it also can create a sense of competition and urgency which can result in several offers and the possibility of competitive bidding, which is good news for the seller.

It is a general rule of thumb that Spring and Autumn are the best times to market your house, and while this is broadly true, it's worth digging a bit deeper to analyse the type of buyers your property is likely to attract because different types tend to be looking for property at different times of the year.

Family buyers often time their property search to fit in with school terms. Buyers with children will usually avoid school holidays when they are likely to be away. Also parents don't want to have to supervise bored or boisterous children while viewing a potential house and would rather wait until they are back at school.

Older couples and singles generally prefer to look at homes during the warmer months and are the least likely to want to look at homes in the rain and snow, nor do they want to move house in bad weather. This type of buyer finds summer to be the best time to buy and sell, and they tend to view fewer properties, and make their minds up more quickly.

First time buyers tend to start looking for a property very early in the year. Whether it's an idealistic sense of optimism for the coming year, or the result of another cramped Christmas still living at home with relatives, the first timer buyer often starts their search in January or February. These early sales, often at the lower end of the market have a ripple effect on properties further up the property ladder. One thing to remember about this part of the market is that young couples and singles can take a long time to decide on a property and they tend to view many different properties before making up their minds.

But what if you must sell your property at a quiet time of year? There are always attractive options available as busiest isn't always best. Selling in quiet times means that you're marketing to a select group of the most serious and highly motivated buyers who are looking at a smaller supply of properties.

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